I am Every Gun

[EDITOR’S NOTE: This post is meant to reveal how, “Guns don’t kill people, people kill people,” is a contradiction, as I am the gun; an I am the person.  In other words, I kill Myself with Myself.]

About Erik Andrulis

I am a scientist with experience in cell and molecular biology, genetics, and biochemistry. I have a proven track record of pioneering technologies and ideas to dissect the living cell. I am a theoretician who compiled a unified theory of life, one third of the complete and consistent theory of the universe. This theory proves that I am the theoretician and theory in one.
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14 Responses to I am Every Gun

  1. Cicely berglund says:

    Scary thought. With that one has to embrace everything and abjure small views

  2. Exactly Cicely. The New Age folks for some time have made the correct claim, “We all are One.” When that claim is actually realized, it means that I am One. Being One, all things are not only within Me, but are Me. This isn’t solipsism per se (but solipsism is Me and is included in Me), but enbracing the Truth that the Self is—that is, I am—Everything. Just as I, Cicely, wrote, above.

  3. Carl says:

    They look somewhat hapless, sitting there, all lined up like pigeons of different sizes.

  4. seeingm says:

    So the conversation goes… How do you look down the barrel of the gun the moment it is pointed at your face? I say I stare into my own eyes and tell myself it does not have to go down that way. I tell myself I can see my pain and anguish and that it is ok to feel it and that respect is present without the need for the ore formed into that shape to create it. I look at myself with love, really communicating that I am seen as I hold that shape to my face and then I say, so be it.

    Do the good sheriffs on this planet still need guns?

    It is my experience when we resonate with the truth of love stronger than any fear at the holding of the ore (or I guess often these days it is a resin of some sort now isn’t it ?!), we keep the form to breathe using it another day. -x.M

    • Were I to come face to face with a gun, I would face it as you have described (in my mind). In action, I would probably cry, as I see how much I hate and want to destroy Myself.

      I hold onto that love M; thanks for keeping the flame. Peace, Ik

      • seeingm says:

        Had a couple of interesting opportunities to test this out in practice during graduate school in my days of working in the houseing projects of inner city Chicago (although it was not right at my face, it was around my person). You suprised yourself to find how calm and not living from fear you are. -x.M

      • seeingm says:

        Wonderful secondary description regarding actual experience of face to face exchange as the one holding the gun and the one being held on. Starts at 28:45 and ends around 31:45. Just leaving the layers of breadcrumbs for living deeper into the truth that we are the story of only one. -x.M

  5. I like guns. I want one. Here in Arizona, you can even legally bare your arms. Very cool. Happiness is a Warm gun. I am one of those New Age Folks. ;)

    On a separate note…HELP! with all that DNA, RNA, hydrogen bond Biology stuff. lol

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